What We Do

Vital Pharma Nordic is engaged in two major areas of business

Niche & Specialty Generics

We have a portfolio and robust pipeline of high barrier products and continuously introduce new and highly-differientiated generic pharmaceuticals. Products in our pipeline include injectable therapies, cremes and topical treatments, and a range of niche solid-oral compounds – all to be introduced as they mature through the regulatory approval cycle.

We apply a pro-active approach to growing our business appropriately to fit the current competitive environment, while our strategic focus remains on the needs of Northern European markets.

Unlicensed Medicines
Vital Pharma Nordic helps pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers, and healthcare professionals with access to unlicensed medicines – to serve unmet medical needs or use in clinical trials.

Our approach of ethical, compliant, and timely access to unlicensed medicines ensures best possible patient outcomes across our markets. Importantly, it also protects patients from the growing threat of counterfeit medicines distributed online.